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Published on 06 November 2019

Hi David, I got the 5th Ave on the road late September, now on club reg. Car drives really well, at first it ran a bit rough but after a few runs on the freeway it cleared. I just did a basic service, oil, filters, new coolant and away it went. The car is very smooth and quiet, the suspension is very soft, handling is okay. I'm going to put new shocks all round and I need new torsion bar bushings as they are squeaking and I cant fix this. The gear ratios are very strange, when the car changes into 3rd gear it really struggles, the 2.2 diff and 15" wheels with 78 profile tyres is just way to high. I just bought a 2.71 8.25" diff and will look at changing this. Engine is very light on for power, particularly for overtaking. Did you land yours in Melb yet? I found a guy in QLD that has one, if yours has landed then there might be 4 in Australia. Cheers, Peter....