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Published on 02 November 2019

No AAACV8 it is me in my FJ362 Brabham Cosworth, the third Brabham ever built. A 1962, Formula Junior, converted to our Formula 2, with an 1100cc Ford Anglia/Cosworth power plant & Hewland transaxel. The second car is basically the same chassis, also built in 62 as a UK formula 2. It is a BT6 [Brabham/Tauranac design] with bigger wheels & tires, heavier suspension & running gear, & 1500cc Ford Cosworth twin cam power. The Brabham Repco I drove was a very similar car, but much stronger, & wider to fit the V8. They had basically the same construction, suspension & body, all beefed up to handle the power & fuel load. They were still fairly simple machines, & could be run by a couple of competent blokes. A couple of photos below. The Aust. sprint championship 1968 & climbing up from the cutting, Bathurst 1968