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Published on 13 September 2016

Hey Freeway64 were you working at Zetland when the Austin 1800 was on the line? I've just picked up a two-tone green car, and was keen to know if that was original or aftermarket? I had the joy of working at Mitsubishi's paint line when the last Magnas were rolling down the line - they had a nice solid off- white/grey called Cocoon, quite popular on the US export version. But hard to appreciate unless clean and in the sun. (All that work and Joe Blogg doesn't bother to wash!) . By the way I agree about the solid colours - it suits some shapes very well. I did like the last edition of the Nissan Micra and the Fiat 500. Nice retro colours - but would be nice to see in a larger car. And yes so many interiors are so safe and boring - black and silver. Its the tartan TR7 car seats that make it worth visiting the car meets!