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Published on 12 January 2021

Absolutely Retro. So many I've lost count but two stand out. One was the rallycross clash between Allan Moffat in a works Cortina Mk2 and Peter Brock in the HDT Torana at Calder in, I think, 1971. Brock and Holden were the kings of Calder rallycross, so Ford got Moffat to guest-drive one afternoon and didn't that create some excitement, with Moffat winning! I'd love to see that amazing clash again after all these years (it was definitely televised that day because we watched it on black and white TV in Sydney). The other was the immortal ATCC clash between Moffat's Mustang and Pete Geoghegan's XY 'Super Falcon' at the Easter Bathurst meeting in 1972. They were off the planet that day and all those that witnessed it claimed it was the greatest touring car race they'd seen - before or since. Sadly there was no telecast of Easter Bathurst back then, so all we can rely on today are photos.