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Published on 16 August 2012

Hello again peoples well i,m still trying to find people to donate parts there has to be some great people still out there that do care and can help donate parts please someone help me needed 2x steering boxes 1x wiring loom for xw gtho lookalike upper and lower control arms left and right 1x nine inch diff and interior redoneand have the interior please anyone that has these parts just laying around and does not need them or anyone that just would love to see another old school car back on the road where it should be or just anyone that can help i would not be asking for help if i did not need it but ive been trying for 23 nearly 24 years now i will never sell them its my dream to finish them no mater what and please i don,t want to hear from negitave people just possative people that can help and will well thank you for reading and your time andrew .