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Published on 11 October 2021

A friend of mine who was the son of a local Chrysler dealer told me his father was one of a delegation of dealers who descended on the company in Adelaide to do something about the Royal as early as 1958. Apparently they were all disappointed at a car that was basically a '53 Plymouth with a '56 front and back tacked on. Chrysler acted pretty quickly and the result was the re-emergence of the '58 and '59 Plymouth, Dodge and De Soto. That gave the company enough breathing space to introduce the Dodge Phoenix in 1960 which was based on the US Dart at £2500 compared with over £3000 for the previous three. It was Simca that saved the day until the Valiant arrived in 1962. Having said that, I've always liked the Royal, particularly the AP2 with the fin on fin rear styling.