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Published on 17 September 2021

Even the brochure was special. This glossy 20 page piece was picked up in 1971 from the main Citroën showroom in Paris. It has four lines of copy on page three, and a page of specifications at the back. The rest is full of great photography, much with a lady of style and her Afghan hound. Nothing like messy things as engine descriptions and gearbox ratios! The four lines? Loosely translated from the French: To describe the SM is to make an inventory of inventions carried one after the other has an absolute degree of perfection. To describe the SM is also to see it pass and live, silently inhabited, infinitely refined, inspired. The Parisian showroom was something else. You could walk in and not be hassled by sales staff - the brochures were there to picked up (wish I had taken more than one) and you could look around at your leisure. This one survived a trip around Europe tucked under the back seat of our 100E Anglia.....