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Published on 10 June 2019

Hi Junior1965, The list you have presented is a "how long is a peice of string" scenario and I am sure you will find it gets longer way before it gets shorter mate. There are quite a few reputable classic car restoring specialists all over Australia [ and twice as many dodgey characters] so my advise is to do your research, come up with a restoration budget, find the right guy close to home and discuss every angle and facet of your build. You essentially will be the project manager, fiancial controller, scheduler and of course the man handing over the folded ones.... Buy a dedicated diary and plan your build to the enth degree and beware that if you pay someone to do what you can yourself be prepared to part with $100/hour plus, plus, which soon adds up. I pretty well started out with the same project plan as you and had a good handle on it until I got transfered overseas and was forced to rely on the honesty of certain "specialists" which sent my budget through the roof and created extensive and costly rework once I found a truly reputable guy to finish the project off for me......If your in Brisbane or close by I can recommend who to stay well away from and who will set you on the right track..... Good luck mate....