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Published on 09 February 2021

Speaking of poverty packs, how about the base model VH Charger (VJ version shown) priced at only $2795 (or just over $31,000 today). That got you into the sexiest shape in town but not much else in terms of standard equipment, like its Ranger sedan equivalent. There were skinny 5.5-inch steel wheels, chrome hubcaps and cross-ply tyres, four-wheel drum brakes and the smallest of the three Hemi sixes (215) hooked up to a three-speed column-shift manual. The 245 six with manual floor-shift or three-speed auto were optional. Heater/demister was standard but cabin cooling relied heavily on the front quarter-vent windows. There was a vinyl floor, basic Ranger instrumentation and tombstone front bucket seats that only tipped forward to allow rear seat access, with no reclining function. How rare would one of these be today?