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Published on 13 August 2021

Bruce McPhee drove a black and yellow HT350 at Bathurst Easter 1971 having a pretty miserable weekend finishing fourteenth and a long way behind Moffats GTHO. If the car had a log book CAMS (now Motorsport Australia) may well have a copy of the log book application which will have the VIN. The car may have belonged to Sutton Motors, certainly Suttons owned an HK327 series production car. In that case the log book application would be in their name. At the 1971 Hardie Ferodo Bruce McPhee drove a Suttons sponsored XU1. Other clues may be remaining evidence of the distinctive livery or even a rear photograph which may show a registration number. Autopics, AN1 images and others have photo libraries which may turn something up. The last photo is at Warwick Farm running Improved Production. Any evidence of holes or brackets to support the side exhaust or holes for the roll cage? (looks to be wearing a registration sticker too)