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Published on 04 October 2021

[quote P54QCBJ1L24B2S3D][quote H644082PDD154TTQ]At Cars & Coffee yesterday, there was the glorious rumble of American V8s and Italian exotica at screaming pitch - just fabulous. A Tesla went through to the sound of...... nothing.[/quote] Were you at Aussie World last night Nairn? I was there on my wheel haha. I said the same thing to a guy I was near... as nice as the late model cars sound and look (to some) ... the old school rigs sound much better. I was mainly down the garage end where there were heaps of cool old s-cool rides[/quote] No Muz - I was at Coorparoo, a few minutes from where I live. I took the Freeway, which doesn't sound too bad with its stainless-steel exhaust, but nothing like the two XB Hardtops which came in a bit later. A Tesla looked totally out of place in this company.