Would you like to take your racing to the next level just like Tander, Chaz & Whincup!?

06 February 2018

Aussie Driver Search are pleased to announce an exciting new pathway into motorsport for anybody with a passion for racing.

The cost involved in starting a career in motorsport has always been an obvious barrier in the past for the average person. However, in more recent years Aussie Driver Search has successfully built an incredible racing program which can make your racing dreams come true, in real racing cars, on famous Aussie tracks… fully sponsored.

“We give anyone the chance to make it in Motorsport”
- Kyle Austin (ADS founder)

Aussie Driver Search allows anyone with a passion for racing to compete in motorsport based purely on talent and not your bank account. They put you behind the wheel of real race cars used in support categories to the V8 Supercars. 

If you have the talent there are amazing prizes on offer.

Whether you are an experienced driver wanting a career in motorsport as a Supercars driver or are having your first taste of motorsport, Aussie Driver Search has various categories to suit all budgets and experience levels.  

Potential drivers need to apply to Aussie Driver Search and are selected based on their suitability to their selected category. Selected drivers are then invited to compete in the Aussie Driver Search program. The winner of the Pro Competition will be handed an arrive-and-drive seat for the full 2019 Dunlop Super2 Series worth $600,000.



Aussie Driver Search are giving you the chance to win a fully paid entry into the qualifying round of the 2018 Aussie Driver Search. Simply enter your details via the link below, and you will go into the draw.


Applications open 4th February 2018 and will be open for 7 days (closes 10th February 2018).


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