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23 February 2018
Model car manufacturer Trax produces many iconic examples of the cars we know and love.  Here's a short review of some of their latest releases. You can see the whole range at
Holden HG Brougham
The HG Brougham represented the last model in the HK/HT/HG series and was Holden’s luxury contender, going up against Ford’s ZC/ZD Fairlane. The HG Brougham introduced high back bucket seats and an optional 350 Chevrolet V8 engine, however, it still struggled to find favour in the market against the class leading Ford. Despite this, the HG Brougham is much sought after today by collectors and this 1/43rd scale model by Trax captures the look and feel of the big Holden perfectly. Available in Burgundy Maroon with a white roof or Kashmir White with a Grey roof. Hurry though as this model is part of the strictly limited Select Series.
Holden FE Panel Van
Today, early model Holdens are much prized by collectors, however, commercial vehicles in particular (which often led a very hard life) are even more sought after due to their rarity. Trax have produced a beautiful 1/43rd scale FE panel van in Gypsy Red or Maize Cream. It’s a model that is sure to be a hit with collectors.  Buy one or both today before they sell out.
Released as a strictly limited edition model, the FPV GT R-Spec offered a wild Black and Red colour scheme that clearly announced its arrival on the market. Far from being a wall flower this hi po Ford generated 335 Kw of power from its quad cam Boss V8 engine. Equipped with Launch Control this FPV was the quickest Australian car to 100 km/h at the time of release. This 1/43rd scale model by Trax captures all the detail perfectly and will be a great addition to any collection.
FPV GT R-Spec Highway Patrol
Australian high performance manufacturers like FPV and HSV have a long history of providing high impact vehicles to Police agencies as a great way to generate publicity. This GT R-Spec model was such a beast, with over 400 Kw on tap, it was a dark day for criminals everywhere! Whether you are a fan of Police cars, high performance Fords or just Aussie car history in general, you should intercept your 1/43rd scale model of this pursuit vehicle today.
Simca Aronde
For a full history of the Simca Aronde, check out the road and race history of these amazing cars on the Shannons Club, written by journalists Mark Oastler and Dr John Wright. In the meantime though, here is your chance to secure your very own 1/43rd scale model of one of the most capable small cars available on the Australian market at the time. Originally produced in Adelaide (from French CKD or Completely Knocked Down components) the advertising tagline was “Some Car this Simca”. Available in Red or Blue with a white roof.
Ford Mustang GT Convertible
The Mustang has been a massive smash hit for Ford and in fact, is their second best selling vehicle in Australia (after the Ford Ranger). This latest 1/43rd scale model by Trax captures the aggressive lines of the convertible GT model superbly. Finished in Ingot Silver (as a right hand drive car) or Race Red (as a left hand drive version) you can indulge your Pony car passion. A great gift for the owner who has the real thing or the aspiring dreamer.
1955 Jack Murray Redex entry – 1948 Ford
This model depicts one of Australia’s greatest around Australia reliability trials and one of Australia’s greatest race legends – Gelignite Jack Murray. Known for carrying sticks of gelignite (TNT) in his car to blow trees and other road blocks out of the way, while rallying across Australia, Jack was also known as a master sportsman, water skier and a bit of a larrikin. During the Redex Trial Jack allegedly threw gelignite out of the window of his moving 1948 Ford to grab the attention of quiet rural communities and competitors alike. Hence his nickname Gelignite Jack. This 1/43rd scale model beautifully depicts Jack’s 1955 race entry, which actually became bogged during the race. Believing he was out of contention, Jack drove straight home, only to realise later, if he had of checked into race control at the end – he would have won! No Aussie model car collection is complete without this great piece of small scale history.
Ford ZL Fairlane
Ford’s Fairlane was Australia’s luxury car leader ever since its launch as the ZA model in 1967. The car of choice for Farmers, Real Estate Agents and the Captains of Industry, the Fairlane mixed luxury and rugged Australian durability into a long wheelbase package. Derived from the XF Falcon series the ZL was the top luxury seller of its day. Purists decried the dropping of the optional V8 engines in the 1982 ZK series, however, the replacement fuel injected six cylinder engines still delivered good performance and improved fuel economy. In addition, the ZL Fairlane offered luxury appointments and the oh so 1980’s digital dashboard. This 1/43rd scale model is finished in either Regency or Olympic Gold – both very popular colours in their day.
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