TRAX Model Car Reviews & Discount Offer

06 December 2017

With the demise of Australian manufacturing, there is certainly much lamenting of what we have lost as a nation.

It's also fair to say though that there is a renewed appreciation for our Australian motoring history, which is good news.

We can't all afford to have a real-life example of the Australian cars we lust after, however, one way we can indulge our passion is to collect scale models of our Aussie dream machines.

To this end, model car manufacturer Trax produces many iconic examples of the Australian cars we know and love.  Here's a short review of some of their latest releases. You can see the whole range at Keep in mind though, these are limited production models, so get em while they last!

Ford Zephyr Ute

The Ford Zephyr ute was based on the sedan and wagon variants. Heavily influenced by US design themes including the 1956 Ford Fairlane, the ute version played to the needs of Australian farmers and small business owners. This Trax model in 1/43rd scale is a beautiful rendition. Of particular note, is the grille detail.

Chrysler VE Valiant Safari 

The VE Valiant was Wheels car of the year and this popular model rounded out the Big Three (along with Holden and Ford). Chrysler pitched itself as a slight cut above Kingswood and Falcon and this Safari wagon version is one of the nicest 1/43rd models we've seen. The body proportions, grille and tail light detail is exquisite. This will no doubt sell fast.

1965 Ford Galaxie Ambulance

Look at some old Bathurst race footage from the late 1960's and you'll no doubt see a glimpse of the 1965 Ford Galaxie ambulances, which were popular in their day. While the sedan was pitched as a luxury upmarket offering for the well heeled in Australia, the big block 390 V8 also provided the necessary go power to deliver patients to the hospital when used in ambulance form. This 1/43rd scale Trax model is an absolute beauty and depicts a very rare version that was unique to Australia.

Chrysler VC Valiant V8

Chrysler was the first of the Big Three to offer V8 power in its mainstream models. The VC Valiant V8 (not called a Regal) offered the 273 V8 engine, bucket seats and automatic with floor shift. It was a compelling package and a popular choice amongst the upper middle class back in the day. Trax has produced another great model in 1/43rd scale and is a must for any Mopar fan.


The Ford Performance Vehicles GT-F was the final iteration of the FG or "Orion" model Falcon and the last FPV. Predating the final Falcon Sprint editions, the GT-F offered the 351 kW quad cam Coyote V8. These cars will no doubt become future collectibles as Ford enthusiasts secure a piece of Australian muscle car history. If you missed out on a real GT-F Trax have produced a beautifully detailed model in 1/43rd scale. Detail is superb and special call out goes to the alloy wheels. They are a work of art. Get yours soon as they're going fast!



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