Take a close look at the 2018 Indian Scout Motorcycle

01 March 2018
The 2018 Indian Scout is an innovative and aesthetically stunning American cruiser. A liquid cooled, V-Twin powerhouse. Cartridge fork front suspension. A lightweight, expertly balanced chassis that delivers an unmatched, agile ride. It follows the same design principles that made the original Indian Scout so iconic.
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69 cu in Scout™ Engine
This engine appeals to a rider’s key senses as it’s visually stunning, has a soul-stirring exhaust note, and delivers impressive power on demand to ignite an Indian Scout rider’s passion for the ride. The reliable, efficient liquid cooling ensures consistently outstanding performance in all riding conditions. Visually, this V-twin features innovative styling with unique details that merit a closer look.
The lightweight chassis enhances the maneuverability and fun factor for the most rewarding riding. The premium suspension keeps the ride smooth and offers rear suspension adjustability.
Best-In-Class Handling
The Scout has a confidence-inspiring lean angle that both new and experienced riders will appreciate. This, combined with the bike's low center of gravity, provides exceptional high and low speed maneuverability.
Genuine Leather Seats
Styled after the original Scout, the driver and passenger seats have the ideal mix of cushion and support. And they're covered in premium Desert Tan leather that's designed to withstand the elements.
Modern Technology
Efficient, reliable liquid cooling ensures the most consistently outstanding performance in all conditions, at all speeds. The modern technology produces an unmatched ride experience that includes electronic fuel injection, counter-balancing, and a 6-speed transmission.
Low Speed Handling and Maneuverability
A low center of gravity and a low seat height of 25.3” mean impressive low-speed handling and maneuverability.
Liquid-Cooled Performance
The Scout was reborn for the 21st century with a modern, liquid-cooled V-Twin that opens up on the open road. 
Stylish Fenders have a spare, jaunty style and display the elegant flow of genuine Indian Motorcycle bodywork.
Black headlight with chrome trim replicates the original Indian Scout headlight and coordinates with other blacked-out elements.
Cast Aluminum Frame
This cast aluminum frame was inspired by the geometry of the original 1920s Scout.
Accessories for the Perfect Fit
Combine the current Scout design with Authentic Indian Motorcycle® accessories, and this bike can accommodate just about any rider, from 5'0'' – 6'4''.
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