Subaru Liberty RS Turbo: a multiple champion in its own right

23 November 2018
WA driver Rob Herridge starred for Subaru in the Australian Rally Championship, winning two titles in two years driving the Liberty RS Turbo. The 1992-93 works cars looked great with their blue 'mud splashes' over contrasting yellow. 

Subaru’s Impreza WRX has achieved legend status after its phenomenal success in rallying across the globe. As a result, the car which laid the foundation for the mighty ‘Rex’ - the Legacy RS (renamed Liberty here in deference to Legacy Australia) – is often overlooked, even though it scored a breakthrough victory for Subaru in the World Rally Championship, won three British rally titles and claimed back-to-back Australian Rally Championships.

The first-generation Legacy was launched in 1989. It was an all-new model designed primarily to compete in North America’s lucrative mid-sized sedan market against numerous Japanese rivals like the Toyota Camry. With its 2580mm wheelbase and 4510mm overall length, the new Subaru was spacious and comfortable, with a choice of FWD or permanent AWD drivetrains.