Showcars Melbourne Presents: PPG Showdown 9
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Showcars Melbourne Presents: PPG Showdown 9

By Shannons - 10 February 2020

The annual Showcars Melbourne PPG Showdown is coming around for the ninth time on 23 February, so we sat down with organiser Elvis Barbieri to get the inside scoop on what to expect in 2020.

How’s the event tracking, Elvis?

We’ve definitely been growing year on year. It’s our fifth year at the Mooney Valley Racecourse. The first four events were at Altona North, but we outgrew the place.

How many cars are you expecting this year?

We usually average over 600 cars; 120 indoors and the rest outside. But even the cars in the outdoor section are really well-presented street cars. The variety you’ll see outside is amazing, because we’re open to everything; all types of cars from vintage to classic, restored, street machines, rods, late model. It’s all there. And the quality is incredible. I reckon the quality of the cars we’ve got coming this year is the best we’ve ever had. But I say that every year, because it’s true!

Do you pick and choose who gets to enter? Or does your show just naturally lure high quality machines throughout?

No, we’re open to anything, but from day one, we’ve always attracted well-built, well-presented cars. I think having myself in the industry helps; I’m a spray painter by trade, and of course, people like to outdo each other.

Got any big reveals scheduled?

Yes, we’ve got around five full reveals that will probably fall into the Street Elite category, rather than full Elite. That’s the way the trend’s going now. These cars are still well-built, but people want to actually drive them. The PPG Showdown 9 is also the fourth round of the Meguiar’s Superstars selection process, so we’ll have five invites to MotorEx up for grabs.

Con Karabastakis (left) receives one of five Meguiar’s Superstars invites to MotorEx from Showdown organiser Elvis Barbieri. Elvis loves nothing more than giving away some tinware, "We love to reward people for their hard work; we’ve got over 50 trophies going on the day."

Sounds cool, but what about those people that can’t afford to have their car tied up in a car show all day. Should they leave their enthusiast ride at home?

Everyone with a cool car should definitely come along, bring it and enter on the day. It’s only $20 bucks! We’re a family-friendly show and know that not everyone can stick around, so we have an area for showcars that can’t be locked in all day. Although it’s still part of the show, people can move in and out if they have to.

Great you’ve got that base covered. What about the kids? Tell me you’ve got a bouncy castle.

We do! It’s not just family-friendly, it’s a family event. Kids under 12 are free. We’ve got a wizard show, face painting and a couple of Transformers walking around too. Oh, and there will be a junior dragster doing some start-ups; the kids will love that. The Doorslammer start-ups usually scare them, but we’ll do that too anyway.

Any other non-vehicular entertainment?

We’ve got bands and DJs on all day at the Rare Spares stage. What’s a big car show without some live music? There’ll be Top 40 covers, rock, DJ stuff. It’s going to really bring the atmosphere.

The poster says there’ll be bikes as well, is that right?

Absolutely. Our focus isn’t really on bikes they’re certainly welcome to enter. We should easily get 50 or more at the show and we’ll be giving away trophies for the top five.

Previously, your chosen charity has been the Royal Children’s Hospital. Are you maintaining that relationship for 2020?

We’ve had a great relationship with the Royal Children’s Hospital since the first event and nothing has changed there. Each year, the raffle money and other fundraising initiatives at the show get put towards the Hospital’s Good Friday Appeal, which happens each year at Easter. Last year the Appeal raised over $18 million for the Hospital and I’m happy that Showcars Melbourne PPG Showdown 8 helped contribute to that figure.

I reckon we’ve covered it all off. Anything else to add?

I’ve had a good crew of 15 volunteers who have been with me since day one. They’re always excited for this show; we all love it.

Great, we’ll see you there!

Sunday 23 February 2020, Moonee Valley Racecourse, Moonee Ponds, Victoria
9:00am - 4:30pm

Vehicle entry on the day - $20
Spectators - $15
Kids Under 12 - FREE

For more information visit: