WA Announces New Club Registration Scheme
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WA Announces New Club Registration Scheme

By Shannons - 28 September 2020

A significant, positive revision to the Western Australia club registration rules has been announced by Transport Minister Rita Safiotti with the new ‘Concessions for Classics’ scheme, to be introduced early in 2021.

Under the revisions, vehicles on the scheme can be driven for personal reasons up to 30 days per year, in addition to 60 club event days.

All classic cars and motorcycles 30 years and older, whether they are modified or not, are eligible if the owner is a member of an approved club. Owners will save up to 75% on full registration costs, making classic vehicle ownership a lot more affordable, especially for those with a collection of vehicles.

Shannons WA Business Development Manager, James McDonald, fully supported the scheme, giving passionate enthusiast Eddie Ieraci space at local motoring events to engage with the public on the proposed changes. James also provided organisers with a meeting place in the WA club rooms and crucially, garnered representatives from 50 key car clubs to discuss the framework.

A formal public submission was made, recommending WA adopt a program similar to those already running elsewhere around the country. Schemes are all different state-by-state, but WA’s outgoing concessional registration options are currently the most restrictive on vehicle use.

Shannons is a huge supporter of the classic car and bike movement and we welcome the incoming changes. Shannons is ready to go with a ‘club registration’-specific pricing structure, and tailored products to suit Club Plate and Limited Use. If you want to know more about the tailored products, we offer please call 134646 and speak to one of our Motoring Enthusiast team members.

The prospect of more classic vehicles on WA roads is exciting, especially on those sunny days when the journey is just as important as the destination, and we look forward to helping you with your insurance needs when the scheme is officiated early in 2021.

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