The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride - 23 May 2021
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The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride - 23 May 2021

By Shannons - 14 April 2021
The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the first Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, first held in Sydney back in 2012. The following ‘Decade of DGR’ has seen the ride evolve a worldwide phenomenon, raising US$24.45m for men’s health initiatives.

In Australia, DGR ties directly to Movember, the world’s largest men’s health charity group, with specific interest in men’s mental health and prostate cancer research and support.

Since its inception, the DGR has involved 340,000 riders across well over 100 countries; big gains since the first event ten years ago which attracted 3000 riders in 64 Aussie cities. Fast forward to 2019, and the event saw 116,000 riders representing 678 cities from 104 countries. Together, they raised $6.0 million dollars that year alone.

Naturally, last year’s COVID-19 pandemic saw participation severely hampered, but despite the forced drop in riders, 56,000 still managed a solo ride for the cause and raised $2.7 million. Proudly, the Shannons Team, which was open for anyone to join, whether they be a teammate, customer or neither, scraped together $26,903 and placed themselves seventh worldwide out of all registered fundraising teams.

For 2021, the DGR returns to its previous pro-forma in some areas, however an event so widespread means organisers have done their best to offer concessions for those still in the grip of the pandemic. Full details are available on their website, but the events fall broadly into three formats which, naturally, are subject to change at any moment, given the current climate.

The first and most familiar is the, COVID-safe Ride; like previous rides, it will have a start and end point, with additions such as QR code check ins and limitations on numbers if required.

The second format is a Route-Only Ride. Local Ride Hosts will plot a looped route with no set start, end, entry, exit or stopping points.

The last variant is the Solo Ride, familiar to anyone who participated in 2020. The participant gets their bike out, dresses up in the appropriate, gentlemanly attire and goes for a distinguished ride at their own discretion. While that may seem ineffective on paper, never has there been a better excuse to dig the bike out and simply go for a ride.

There are rides occurring all over Australia, so check out the DGR website for your nearest event.

This 23 May, ride for a purpose; Register, fundraise and as always, ride dapper.


Shannons is Australia's leading insurance provider for motoring enthusiasts specialising in classic motorcycles. Shannons are proud supporters of DGR across Australia and are offering prizes for the top fundraisers in the Shannons team.


The first 50 to join the Shannons team receive a Shannons Lapel Pin

The top 10 fundraisers in the Shannons team win a Shed of Threads $100 Gift Voucher

The top 3 fundraisers in the Shannons team will receive a custom DGR x Shannons Garage Sign


To be eligible you must:
- Have joined the Shannons Team by Sunday, May 23rd 2021 11:59 pm 
- Be one of the highest fundraisers by Sunday, June 6th 2021 11:59 pm
View full Terms and Conditions.