Shannons Motorsport Australia Festival: 10-12 December 2021
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Shannons Motorsport Australia Festival: 10-12 December 2021

By Shannons - 09 December 2021

The Shannons Motorsport Australia Festival reformats what was originally supposed to be the fourth and final round of the Shannons Motorsport Australia Championship. While some categories have been replaced, several extra attractions have been added to what still promises to be an exciting weekend of motoring.

All racing is shifted to the Saturday, with two of Australia’s best grassroots categories headlining – the Hyundai Excel Challenge and the prototypes of the Sports Car Invitational. While the well-loved Excel may not conjure up feelings of excitement amongst the uninitiated, the cheap and cheerful nature of these once-ubiquitous cars lends itself to some excellent racecraft; think HQ Racing for the 21st century.

Not all of the action is on the track in the revised format, with some of SA’s rarest and most desirable classic GT cars on display for the duration of Saturday and Sunday. Think Jensen 541, Lamborghini Miura, R34 Skyline GTR R1 N1 or one of the holy grails of classic cars, the rare and exclusive Toyota 2000GT. With over 25 cars invited totaling an excess of $38 million combined value, there’ll certainly be some machines there to mesmerize and appeal.

Sunday at 8:00am will reveal a softer side to the amazing racetrack, with The Bend presenting a relaxed Cars and Coffee Paddock Meet. All makes, models and styles are welcome, so grab a coffee from Rydges in pit lane and check out the eclectic tin on display, while other punters check out yours.

Entry to Sunday’s Paddock Meet is free, but for an extra $39pp, entrants can enjoy a delicious breakfast above pit lane at the Apex Bar X Dining restaurant. Not only that, 30 minutes of track cruising is included in the price. If you normally skip breakfast, the same package can be had for lunch for only $10pp extra.

It goes without saying that 2021 has been another challenging year and certainly one where we’ve been starved of good, wholesome grassroots racing. But if you’re in SA, there’s some racing coming and certainly some track time if you choose. If you’re able, get to the Shannons Motorsport Australia Festival at The Bend and check out the fun, just in time for Christmas.

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