MOOG’s mad daily – the Volkswagen Up!
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MOOG’s mad daily – the Volkswagen Up!

By Shannons - 14 March 2022


We have some amazing vehicles in the MCM fleet, with turbocharged mega-powerful light-bendingly fast nuggets. But sometimes I want simple pleasures, which is why I am loving driving my Volkswagen Up! each day. This tiny two-door is powered by a one-litre three-cylinder engine and has basically no creature comforts.

But the lack of fluff also gives the Up! a wonderful sense of purity and focus: there is nothing to distract you. Because I’m prowling the mean streets of Sydney, I upgraded the suspension, wheels and tyres, and have listed all these (legal) modifications on the insurance policy.

I remember being a young enthusiast with a modified car who was told by some insurance companies they wouldn’t cover me because my car was daily driven and modified. But Shannons understand why I want better quality tyres and wheels on the car I’m using in traffic every day.

I’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy a crazy number of different daily drivers, from a ballistic Mk7.5 Golf R and Audi RS3 to a supercharged Lotus Exige and the little Up! but the one common trait among them all is Shannons insurance. One of the key reasons for this is the extra inclusions in the policy, like glass cover, that you really use with a car seeing use on the roads every day.

My little Up! might not have the prestige of an AMG or a classic Ferrari, but I still love it for its rawness and driver engagement.

Shannons understands your passion may not be stock standard.
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