Joe Calleja's Special 76 Porsche 911 SC RSR Tribute Car
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Joe Calleja's Special 76 Porsche 911 SC RSR Tribute Car

By JohnBowe - 24 May 2022

Hi everyone, I'm mostly about motorsport, it's dominated my life since I was a youngster, but I thought I would share this little tale with you as a car lover.

As many of you know, I am a real porschephile, having owned 37 at last count, my good friend Joe Calleja just landed this very special RSR Recreation or what is known nowadays as a tribute car but it's a very special one.

Let me tell you that a real factory-built RSR or IROC car would be in the $2 million region at least. They are custom-built cars to the owner's preference and generally round out to around a million bucks! This fact alone has created quite a market for tribute cars; the top end of this market is the Singer Cars from the USA, with Zagame's just having become the Australian agents.

Joe's new love is just such a car, a Porsche RSR Recreation, custom-built to a very high standard with a short-stroke 3.2 engine and slide throttle mechanical fuel injection, which was on the original cars.
It makes the engines incredibly throttle responsive. Anyone who has driven an older Porsche knows the symphony of noise the flat-six engine makes, but this is the next level. It's matched to a close-ratio five-speed transaxle, competition-style braking, big wide 15inch wheels, a wide body and a custom interior that would do credit to a factory car or a Singer vehicle. It has a half factory-style roll cage, but it is totally road useable like most Porsches. I absolutely love it, the sound, the driving experience and the look.

I would love to know what the Shannon Club members think?
There are many retro Porsches around nowadays, but none that I've seen to this level. Joe's taste in cars is similar to mine, his car collection is fascinating, and his motorbike collection is world-class too.

Let me know if you would like more insight into some of Joe's other cars.

Happy motoring from one enthusiast to another.