Mazda RX-2: Bathurst’s First Rotary Winner
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Mazda RX-2: Bathurst’s First Rotary Winner

By MarkOastler - 01 May 2017
The RX-2 (aka Capella RE) is a highly significant model in Mazda’s rich Australian motor sport heritage. This is one of the Mazda Dealer Team's very quick RX-2 coupes in action at the 1972 Sandown 250.

Mazda’s R100 was the first rotary-powered sedan to compete in the annual 500-mile (800km) endurance race for production cars at Bathurst in 1969, but the Japanese manufacturer had to wait another two years for its historic first class win with the RX-2 in 1971.

Launched in 1970, the RX-2 (aka Capella RE) like the R100 shared engine bays with one of Mazda’s conventional piston-engined models - in this case the stylish new Capella 1600. Available in a choice of four-door sedan or coupe body styles, the RX-2 was larger than the R100 in all key dimensions including wheelbase (2468mm), width (1371mm) and length (4150mm) with a 960kg kerb weight that was about 100kg heavier.