1970 Ford Falcon XW GTHO Factory Production Records Revealed for the First Time in New Books
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1970 Ford Falcon XW GTHO Factory Production Records Revealed for the First Time in New Books

By Shannons - 06 June 2022

Officially licensed by the Ford Motor Company, there are now two new Blue Edition books to collect celebrating the iconic 1970 Ford Falcon XW GTHO Phase I ½ the Phase II. Each book is jam-packed with the complete Ford GTHO factory production records which are revealed for the very first time.

Inside each reference book you’ll find the build specification details for every single 1970 Falcon GTHO built, including each car’s paint colour and trim combination, the factory options each was fitted with, the final assembly and retailed dates, unusual build anomalies and one-off Falcon GTHOs. Turning each page is like watching a kaleidoscope of GTHOs on the production line, as each car files past one by one.

Painstakingly researched with many never-before-seen period photographs, the history of this iconic marque is well-written and passionately collated by respected Ford GTHO Historian; Ross Vasse, who shares his lifetime of motoring knowledge.

Each book represents the complete definitive Bible for the Phase I ½ and Phase II Falcon GTHOs. Filled with information known previously only to insiders, mysteries are solved, myths are busted, and secrets are revealed.

Also included are the Ford dealerships where every single 1970 Ford Falcon XW GTHO was assigned to, decades of value trends, and first-hand ‘memory lane’ accounts from original and previous owners.

This is the most comprehensive work ever completed for this marque, one that tells the story of the fastest four-door production sedan in the world, about the men who created, built, drove and raced them when they were new.

Following on from the completely sold-out Ford Falcon XY GTHO Phase III Register, these two new books are available as a specially discounted ‘Ford fan’ double pack for $499, or sold separately as a pre-order for $275 per book, and are a must for all collectors and motoring enthusiasts. The official release is scheduled for 30th November 2022, in time for delivery before Christmas.

(For those wondering about The 1969 Ford Falcon XW GTHO Phase I Register, this book will be scheduled for release in 2023, allowing you to complete your collection to this set.)


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