Nissan Pulsar EXA: The Group C Bluebird’s Sinister Offspring

16 January 2017
The Pulsar EXA developed for Australian Group C touring car racing added another intriguing chapter to Nissan’s rich local motor sport history. Here its primary driver Christine Gibson powers through Murray’s Corner during their final Bathurst appearance in 1984. Check out the size of that rear wing!

Nissan Australia was a lone pioneer in the development of turbocharged Group C touring cars in the early 1980s, with its fast but fragile four cylinder Bluebird sedans taking on much larger capacity V8s in the outright class. Perhaps less well known is the little brute Nissan created when it applied the same philosophy to punch well above its weight in the 3.0 litre division with a turbocharged Pulsar EXA.

Few would remember this blindingly fast (on the straights at least) front wheel-drive factory race car as its competition career in the sunset years of Group C was relatively brief, commencing in the latter half of 1983 and making only a few appearances before the demise of the category in 1984.