Mitsubishi Colt 1000F and 1100F: a truly innovative fastback

08 February 2019

The Mitsubishi Colt 1000F, which made its Australian debut in early 1967, had several distinctive attributes. But it was one of those cars that motoring journalists found easy to criticise. It now seems fair to suggest that the Colt fastback’s true character was probably not appreciated for several years, by which time it had carved out a brilliant reputation in rallying. It also acquired a higher level of refinement through the years.

One distinctive feature was that despite looking like one, the 1000F was not in fact a hatchback. That ‘F’ stands for Fastback, back in the day when ‘Fastback’ didn’t mean hatchback. From the debut of the Ford Mustang fastback in August 1964 (four months after the coupe and convertible variants), this body style became immediately fashionable. Volkswagen introduced its 1600 TL Fastback in August 1965, the same year that Renault revealed its radical 16.

Hard to believe this is not a hatchback!