MGA and MGB: Aussie doctor and the world's fastest ‘Super Bee’

27 September 2018
Doctor Iain Corness and the ‘Super Bee’ were a potent combination, reaching the peak of their performance in 1971. Here they’re in full flight at Sydney’s Warwick Farm in 1970. Love the decal on the windshield, which reads 'The Civilised Sports Car' - it was anything but civilised by the time Corness had finished with it!

The MGA and MGB were the ultimate in MG sports cars during the halcyon days of Australian production sports car racing (ProdSports) in the 1950s and 1960s. In fact, at one stage it was claimed that a locally-developed MGB was the fastest Prodsports MGB in the world.

That bold statement, by none other than parent company British Leyland, was in 1971 when Queensland doctor Iain Corness and his hand-built ‘Super Bee’ were part of the company’s factory-backed racing team called the British Leyland Young Lions.