MG TC, TD and TF Midgets: small British sports cars to a ‘T’

23 April 2019


On page 60 of my very worn copy of the January 2, 1956 edition of Motor Manual, heading the ‘Guide to Used Cars’ section, I found this interesting commentary:

Sports cars continue to sell well – the popular MG TC now bringing more than it did at this time last year. This applies, of course, to those in better condition.

In 1956, there was no such thing as a classic car market. Used cars became old bangers in only three or four years, in many cases: hence the qualifier ‘those in better condition’. By the time this edition had gone to press, the first truly modern MG, the MGA was already on sale in Britain, but it does not appear with the Magnette in the magazine’s new car price list. The magic of the MG brand and the new MGA is apparent on the back cover colour ad for Benzol. Behold a painting of a red MGA racer, bumperless and bonnet-pinned: