Mercedes-Benz W123: world’s best 1970s mid-size cars

26 October 2018

Daimler-Benz was among the first European automotive manufacturers to implement a clear product range and, arguably, this process really began with the introduction of the W116 series in 1972. This marked the beginning of the use of the term ‘S-Class’ (the ‘S’ standing for Special). Later came the ‘E-Class’, ‘C-Class’ and many more – SL-Class, ML-Class, A-Class, etc.

While the first car to bear the official title ‘E-Class’ was the W124, that usage did not come with the car’s 1984 release in Germany (1986 in Australia) but was introduced in 1993 with a facelift on the W124.

The W123 was the next Mercedes-Benz model range to appear after the immensely influential and successful W116 S-Class. Even though its styling seemed more closely related to the outgoing W115 the than it did to the S-Class, this was in fact an entirely new car which incorporated many of the engineering philosophies which were embodied in the flagship.