Ford Model T: car of the twentieth century
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Ford Model T: car of the twentieth century

By DrJohnWright - 07 December 2018
Henry Ford and his Model T reaching the height of their powers, 1921, when he held more than 50 per cent of the US car market.

In 1900 Henry Ford was not especially famous but by 1920 he was almost certainly the most famous living American citizen. The Model T, the first true world car decades before that term had been coined, can barely be mentioned without speaking about its creator.

It seems that from the beginning Henry’s aim was to invent a reliable car that ordinary working people could afford to buy and operate. The Ford Motor Company was quietly incorporated in June 1903 and offered its Model A runabout for sale the following month. Even that wasn’t the first car to bear his name because in 1896 Henry Ford had cobbled together a solitary Quadricycle. Its two-cylinder engine enabled it to achieve about 20 miles per hour.