Ford GT40: The epitome of Total Performance
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Ford GT40: The epitome of Total Performance

By MarkOastler - 11 May 2020

There will never be another era to match Ford’s awe-inspiring ‘Total Performance’ dominance of motor sport throughout the 1960s. And there will never be another car that can match the reverence and mystique of that campaign’s greatest creation - the GT40.

Ford’s all-out attack produced many icons that excelled in their chosen fields, including our homegrown Falcon GT-HOs. However, none are more worshipped than the car which dominated the world-famous Le Mans 24 Hour race. The Ford GT40 epitomised Henry Ford II’s determination to win, literally, at all cost.

No other program under the Total Performance umbrella was given the same fiscal freedom to succeed, which was the largest spend by any manufacturer to win one race. It ran into many millions of dollars, a collosal amount at the time, which required Ford divisions around the world - including Australia – to share the cost.