Ford Anglia 105E: British Champion. Aussie Racing Icon.

30 October 2017
Many Anglia 105Es competed in circuit racing, rallying, rallycross and drag racing with a myriad of modifications. A good example was Bruce Cary’s wild Sports Racing Closed 105E, seen here at Catalina Park in 1970, powered by a mid-mounted Falcon six cylinder engine. Gotta love the standard steering wheel!

When Ford of England released the new 105E Anglia in 1959, its instant popularity with new car buyers was shared by motor sport competitors in the UK and many other countries, including Australia.

The 105E was a natural for competition use. Disarmingly simple yet thoroughly modern for its time, it featured the latest in lightweight unitary body-chassis construction, MacPherson strut front suspension, a leaf-sprung live rear axle, four-wheel drum brakes and a trim kerb weight of only 740kg.