Feeling the Freedom in a VW Kombi Camper van

09 March 2018

Simon and Brittany Stanton from Brisbane, know the true feeling of freedom! As owners, and Shannons customers, they were thrilled to recently complete the restoration of their very own 1973 VW Kombi van, Daisy. Simon and Brittany’s restoration journey started 2 years ago, “We designed and built the internal space of the Camper van around our needs. We are completely self-sufficient on the road, and not reliant on mains power, because it is important for us to have that freedom. Building within the small space was a fun challenge.  Everything has a purpose, and multiple functions, but we have still maintained a balance, without cluttering the space. The variety of coloured textiles and lighting design creates a warm and entertaining atmosphere, suited for any nomadic adventure.” Simon said.

Speaking with Simon, we asked why Kombi vans were becoming so popular. “The van movement is being fuelled by the wave of social-media enthusiasm for living, and traveling. Many Australians will have fond memories of family road trips, sleeping under the stars, and getting back in touch with nature. The iconic Volkswagen Kombi van is the perfect vehicle to re-live those memories” he said.

More and more, we’re seeing Generations Y and Z swap “things” for experiences, many are opting to splurge on the opportunity to escape the grind, to feel that real sense of freedom. It allows them to blaze their own trail, in promise of great times with friends and family. That is exactly what our Kombi brings for us. #vanlife has become one of the most followed movements, as many identify with the culture that it represents, the attire and the mind-set of the travelling surfer/hippie lifestyle. Young Australians are using the #vanlife movement to show progress of their restored camper vans and the journeys that they are on.

Daisy is such a show stopper, she will be on display in the recently launched Suncorp Discovery Store in Sydney’s Pitt St Mall, from the 13th of March. Their van is highlighting Shannons, as part of Suncorp’s ‘Wheels in Motion’ month, where the stand out Suncorp store will transform into an amphitheatre of experiences along with Shannons, Travelex, Mastercard, O’Brien, and Hertz.

The Suncorp Discovery Store is your one stop shop for all your financial wellbeing needs, and is there to support customers, whatever their destination. Head into the Suncorp Discovery store today for a tour of Simon’s Kombi, a coffee on the house and a chat with one of our hosts about your travel plans. Whether you’re planning your next holiday, buying a car, taking a road trip or jetting off overseas, the Suncorp Discovery Store is the destination to support your quest.

You can also follow Simon and Brittany's journey at #sayhitodaisy as they embark on weekend adventures away. 

Connect with simonstanton1 on the Shannons Club at: https://www.shannons.com.au/club/enthusiasts/simonstanton1/garage/