FB and EK Holden: Last gasp of the 1950s

31 January 2018

Seven weeks short of my tenth birthday, I failed to notice that the ‘all-new’ FB Holden did not live up to that promise but was, rather, a cleverly updated version of the FE/FC. Paradoxically, the flashy FB with its greatly increased glasshouse, wraparound windscreen, dog-leg A-pillar, fashionably dished steering wheel and extroverted two-tone paint combinations actually owed much of its inspiration to the 1955 Chevrolet, while its FE predecessor (and the facelifted FC) were much closer to clean-sheet designs by Holden’s in-house stylist, Alf Payze.

This Fernando Yellow and White FB Special was successfully auctioned by Shannons. Prices are on the march!

So, rather than being what it purported to be, namely GM-H’s third major new model (48-215, FE, FB), it was really a third go at the FE theme. This is more obvious when you look at the coupe utility and van versions.