FAST WOMEN - Pioneering Australian Motorcyclists

24 November 2017

Motorcycle and Motoring enthusiast and Author, Sally-Anne Fowles passion for motorcycling lead her to write and publish FAST WOMEN - Pioneering Australian Motorcyclists.

At the beginning of 2017, many Australians still equate a woman riding a motorcycle (and in many sports) as a novelty. This book well and truly puts that view to bed and dispels the saying “Ride like a girl”!

Fast Women includes a teacher in 1910 travelling the expanses of outback South Australia to teach her pupils art and music, to the National Emergency Services Despatch riders of World War II, to Peggy Hyde -the first woman in the world to be granted an un-restricted road racing licence, to Kim Krebs who is the fastest woman in the world cracking 396km on the salt at Lake Bonneville USA in 2017 and many more.

If you ever dare to pursue your dreams, these extraordinary Australian heroines, who have broken the stereotypical mould, will not only inspire you but will also leave you in awe of their courage and dedication in pursuit of their passion. These pioneering women’s stories will leave you spell-bound. 


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