Holden HJ/HX Coupes: The Forgotten Monaros
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Holden HJ/HX Coupes: The Forgotten Monaros

By JoeKenwright - 22 July 2013
The HJ Monaro GTS was never supposed to happen until Holden was forced to combine the HJ front with unsold HQ Monaro coupe body shells. Although the more formal and later HJ front was not a perfect match, it generated a look that resonated with remaining buyers once Holden got the packaging right. (Image from: Shannons Club Member Coupehj)

As the HQ Monaro Coupe’s 1971-74 model life equalled the combined HK, HT and HG series without major change, sales stalled. Holden was left with more than1600 surplus HQ Monaro shells. Clearing them over the HJ and HX facelifts proved to be a laborious and time-consuming process.

After HJ coupe sales again dropped, this time to just 606 HJ Monaro GTS Coupes (plus a token 337 HJ LS examples) compared to 4574 HJ GTS 4-Doors, Holden had to pull the Monaro coupe out of production before the end of the HJ series in 1975. This left more than 600 panel sets to clear during the 1976-77 HX series.