Austin X6: Jaguar aspirations but six-cylinder 1800 reality
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Austin X6: Jaguar aspirations but six-cylinder 1800 reality

By DrJohnWright - 03 May 2019

The Austin X6 range probably deserved to sell more strongly than it did. In several respects this uniquely Australian car was ahead of its time. But its sheer differentness from the bland Australian mainstream sixes, poor marketing and quality issues meant the Tasman and Kimberley were destined never to be more than very minor players.

Launched in early 1971, the X6 was unashamedly intended to encourage prospective buyers to associate it with British Leyland’s premium car, the Jaguar XJ6. The entry point was $2598 for the single headlight Tasman manual. Add $290 for automatic transmission. The up-spec Kimberley was $2888 as a manual and $3148 with automatic.

You could distinguish between the Tasman and Kimberley easily because the former had single headlights and a very simple grille, while the latter had quad headlights, a more stylish grille with plenty of chrome, side rubbing strips and more ornate wheeltrims.