Bolwell: An Australian Icon - The Book
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Bolwell: An Australian Icon - The Book

By Shannons - 14 November 2016
Bolwell: An Australian Icon, is an exclusive publication that is the first to trace the entire 50+ year history of one of Australia’s most distinguished industrial achievers and automotive icons.
A magnificent premium production for the discerning collector and an invaluable resource covering some of Australia’s finest industrial, sporting and automotive achievements.
No Australian Company has gone where Bolwell has.
The Cars
The company produced more than 800 of Australia’s most famous sportscars, recognised around the country and across the planet as vehicles ahead of their time with exceptional styling, engineering, performance and ‘street cred’. Bolwell sportscars from the 60s and 70s now change hands at 30 times their original value.
And Bolwell racing sportscars dominated every category they contested at the time – against all international comers. They continue to excel in their current historic racing categories, and modern tarmac events.
Current model Mark 10s are considered the equal of some of the world’s most famous sportscar brands with exceptional engineering, performance and value for money.
The Company
More than that, Bolwell has become Australia’s leading Composites Manufacturer – and a major global player, producing a massive range of products over the past 5 decades.
Indeed, the Bolwell brand has permeated every aspect of everyday life – and it is said that every  person alive has come in contact with a Bolwell Product. Think Bolwell, think …‘Golden Arches’ (MacDonald’s signage), children’s playground equipment (in thousands of parks), truck bodies (tens of thousands of them),  electricity substations, motor scooters, yachts, simulators and ride-on games, aerodynamic aids on regular production cars, Hovercraft, Wind Turbines, Defence, Transport and Caravans.
Bolwell Bike
The Book
This book is the result of 20 years of research, and 5 years of intensive production.
  • More than 150,000 words, hundreds of photos, documents and memorabilia – much of it never sighted before
  • Detailed Records of every one of the 10 models produced – as well as a glimpse into the future
  • Fascinating snapshots (pix and history) of more than 80 beautiful Collectable Bolwell sports cars – still alive and well and running on road and track today
  • Full-colour, glossy, ultra high-quality 250page super-A4 sized book, individually numbered
  • Carbon-fibre fabricated slip-case and hardbound cover, silver foil stamped
  • Limited Edition, 50th Anniversary Collector’s Item
  • RRP $120 including GST plus postage
Bolwell: An Australian Icon, is on sale December 7, click below to pre-order the book now.