Austin A30: the home-made hybrid that exposed Brock’s brilliance

09 November 2018
This wild-looking Austin A30 sports sedan made the young, goatee-bearded Peter Brock a man to watch despite its inauspicious debut in 1967. It didn’t take long for talent-spotters, including HDT boss Harry Firth, to realise they were looking at a future champion.

“From the way Peter Brock threw the car around Hume Weir and Oran Park it was expected that driving the car would be a pleasure,” wrote Racing Car News reporter Peter Wherrett after track-testing Brock’s Holden-engined Austin A30 sports sedan at Oran Park, following its sale to top sports car racer Ross Bond. “It always looked to be so neat and tidy – and stable. What a rude shock we were in for – and what new respect we suddenly found for ‘Brocky’.

“When we had our drive Ross had driven the car only once before and never at Oran Park. He pointed out that it had surprised him with its apparent lack of stability. Which came as something of a shock – but not nearly so great as the one we discovered for ourselves when we were let loose on the track.