Heritage plate leads Phase III GT-HO in Shannons 40th Anniversary auction
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Heritage plate leads Phase III GT-HO in Shannons 40th Anniversary auction

By Shannons - 27 November 2021
  • NSW Heritage number plate ‘96’ attracts $750,000 bid
  • $300,000 offered for rare R-34 Nissan GT-R coupe
  • Bidders hungry for budget bikes and cars

The bragging rights for the top-selling lot of Shannons current 40th Anniversary Timed Online auction is already shaping as an unequal duel between the New South Wales Heritage two-digit number plate ‘96’ that has already passed its reserve at $750,000 and the fabulous 1971 ex-Al Turner, ex-Allan Moffat 1971 Falcon GT-HO Phase III that is expected to sell for more than $1 million when the timed online auction ends on November 30.

The tussle for top selling lot of Shannons current 40th Anniversary Timed Online auction looks like being between the NSW Heritage number plate ’96’ and the ex-Al Turner/Allan Moffat, 1971 Falcon GT-HO Phase III, with both expected to sell for close to $1 million.

At this half-way stage of the auction, enthusiasts have over $7 million on more than 80 per cent of all lots (178 of the record 222), with Heritage black and white number plates seeing some of the strongest bidding.

All the Victorian 3-digit plates and all but two of the NSW numerical plates have already exceeded their reserve prices and are therefore ‘on the market’.

Standout early number plate bidding, as well as the seven bids for ‘96’, includes $111,500 already offered for the Victorian five-digit ‘lucky’ plate ‘ 18.118’; $111,500 for the ‘birthday’ plate ‘2021’ and $285,500 offered for the 3-digit Victorian plate ‘665’ after 49 bids.

The lot the with most bids (63) to date is one of the most humble vehicles on offer – a 1957 Lambretta LD125 scooter with ‘no reserve’. It is currently being pursued by two determined enthusiasts, with a top bid of $6,800 offered to date.

This classic 1957 Lambretta LD125 scooter offered with ‘no reserve’ in Shannons current 40th Anniversary Timed Online auction is being pursued by a number of determined enthusiasts, with a top bid to date of $6,800.

Another sought-after two-wheeler is a 1966 BMW R69S ’Modified’ motorcycle that has attracted 42 bids from four bidders, who together have driven its price to $11,750.

The most popular local vehicle lots at this stage are Holdens, led by a very desirable 1977 LX Torana A9X sedan at $249,500 that has yet to meet its reserve; a black 1956 FE Special Sedan that after 27 bids has already met it reserve at $46,000; while a 1956 FJ panelvan has achieved an impressive $70,000 and a ‘no reserve’ 1964 EH Utility is up to $45,200.

The most currently offered for a Holden in Shannons 40th Anniversary Timed Online auction is $249,500 for this 1977 LX Torana A9X sedan.

Amongst the Fords, a 1973 Falcon XA GT Hardtop offered with ‘no reserve’ currently has a best offer of $126,500; an XY 500 V8 Utility also with ‘no reserve’ is now sitting at $125,500 – ahead of a 1970 Falcon XW GT sedan ($110,500), while a restored 1965 Falcon XP Deluxe Coupe has passed its reserve at $58,500.

The most popular British and European vehicle to date is a 1988 Porsche 911 3.2 coupe at $110,100, while a ‘no reserve’ 1976 Porsche 911S 2.7 coupe is at $84,500), followed by a 2000 Rover Mini Cooper (46 bids/$18,500), a 2001 Maserati 3200 GTA Coupe (29 bids, $25,000), while a desirable 1970 Jaguar E-Type Series 2 4.2 Coupe is now on the market at $66,000 after 28 bids.

This 1954 oval rear window VW Beetle has so far attracted a top bid of $32,000 in Shannons current 40th Anniversary Timed Online auction.

The top vehicle bid to date is $300,000 for a rare and very collectible 2002 Nissan R34 Skyline GT-R M-Spec Nür coupe, one of just 285 M-Spec cars fitted with the special N1 engine. It is expected to sell ultimately for $300,000 - $350,000.

Meanwhile the exotic ex-Sir Elton John 1987 Ferrari Testarossa coupe is still warming up, with a single below-reserve bid of $220,000 placed so far, but with $300,000 to $350,000 expected by the time bidding for it closes next Tuesday evening, November 30.

Nearly two thirds of the 222 lots in the auction are already ‘on the market’ either by being offered for sale with ‘no reserve’ or by exceeding their reserve prices.

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