Early demand for numeric number plates
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Early demand for numeric number plates

By Shannons - 04 August 2022

Victorian, New South Wales and Queensland numeric black and white number plates are already in high demand with collectors and investors in Shannons Timed Auction that closes on August 9, with 18 of the 22 plates offered already ‘on the market’ after just one day of online bidding.

Those still to meet their reserve prices include the highly-desirable early New South Wales numeric plate ‘28’, that is expected to sell for up to $1.8 million range, while ‘606’ has attracted a high bid of $250,000, but could sell for $100,000 more.

The early Victorian number plate ‘530’ has already attracted a top bid of $462,500.

Notable Victorian Heritage Number Plates that have already meet their reserves are '530', (a high bid so far of $462,500), while ‘307’ is not yet on the market despite a top bid of $551,000, with expectations that it could sell for $600,000 or more.

All four Queensland black and white numerical plates, have already met their reserves topped by the $120,000 bid for ‘246’. Both Q246 and Q430 could prove very sought after by Ferrari collectors for their model references, adding the finishing touch.

The Victorian ‘lucky’ numeric number plate of ’89-898’ has already attracted a top bid of $250,000.

The ‘lucky’ Victorian plates ‘8-181’ and ’89-898' are both already on the market after top bids of $333,500 and $250,000 respectively, as is ‘6-996’ after 32 bids, opening at $150,000 and topped by $305,000.

Other interesting Victorian numeric plates that are already on the market include the ‘no reserve ’110-777' ($29,500); ’61-237’ ($90,000) and '20-222’ ($230,500), while the Victorian Bicentennial number plate ‘1832’ offered with ‘no reserve has attracted 35 bids, currently sitting at $125,500.

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