Alfasud: driver’s dream, owner’s nightmare

30 March 2017
The original Alfasud was a utilitarian four-door sedan, pretty in red.

From day one the Alfasud was faster point to point than its rivals. Sadly, it didn’t take many years before the proof bubbled through that it also rusted faster. There were reports of brand new Alfasuds displaying corrosion before they had even left the showroom.

What hope, then, for the eager customer buying a brand new car that was parked in, say, Bondi Junction or Vaucluse within a kilometre or two of the Pacific Ocean? I knew one such fellow, who also just happened to be a motoring journalist. His once enormous enthusiasm for the Alfa Romeo marque never recovered and he seemed to be quite irritated that his Sud experience entirely failed to deter me from falling in love with Alfa's at about this time, though not so much the Sud as the Alfetta.