Alfa Romeo Giulia TI and Super: Italian jewels in an elegant box

28 February 2018

It is probably not generally known that on 11 July 1958 a new company called Alfa Romeo (Australia) was registered in Melbourne. Unfortunately, this was a false beginning because head office did not officially recognise the local branch. The solution came when the Italian firm engaged a Melbourne solicitor, Daryl Abrahams, to purchase the company on its behalf. So June 1965 represents the real start for Alfa Romeo in this country, at least in the postwar era.

Earlier, Harold Lightburn (better known now for his tiny, eponymous Zeta) had reached an agreement for his firm, Lightburn & Company, to import a limited number of cars. It is unlikely that more than 65 cars were sold during the Lightburn regime, most of them right-hand drive Giulia 1600s (sedans and coupes). 

In August 1965 Harold Lightburn conceded that his Zeta venture had failed and his shaky arrangement with Alfa Romeo concluded.