Lap Times, Performance Data & Vehicle Specs.

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This could well be the 'Holy Grail' for lovers of competitive automotive data.
Recently I stumbled on a site which contained more information regarding 'performance data' than anyone out there could dream possible. In fact if like me you were faced by so many options all at once it could be rather difficult to know where to start so I'm going to break it down one heading at a time starting with a direct link to the 'vehicles' heading.
1) VEHICLES lists almost every car we could want information on. Click on the make and we are given the individual models, click on the model and we get the specs, performance data and the nearest rivals - applies also to anything you arrow on!
2) TRACKS gives us information on an extensive range of race tracks around the world:
3) MORE followed by LISTS is where the fun begins. This time around we're offered a multiple choice of further information (including standing start 1/4 mile times) so choose whatever 'floats your boat'.
3) MORE followed by COMPARE allows you to simultaneously compare the performance data of up to 4 vehicles of your choosing.
Note: If that isn't enough, scroll to the bottom of any page and click on the Nurburgring for track records 'to date'. Once the list comes up you can click on any car to find out all the specs on it. Track data follows the end of the list.

4) OMEGA is the 'home page' now keeping us up to date with the latest news items.

*At the time of posting, the whole site listed:12,367 Lap times plus 23,714 acceleration times for 5277 cars and 40 bikes.
5 months ago