turbo sri help :(

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hey all, i have recently purchased my first car, a holden astra sri turbo 03, i got it as a project and have replaced the clutch and put new tires on it and done a basic service (oil, oil filter, clean air filter ect) and it seems to be running a bit rough, the engine check light is on and the spanner light, i believe it has gone into limp mode and is not boosting properly now ect but when i drive the car sometimes off cold it feels great and goes through the gears nicely. but once it is hot it seems to not like reving up past 3/4k. i dont know what it could be and dont have much money to spend, it also sounds really rough when it is in limp mode almost makes me want to put an exhaust on it haha i have just dissconected the battery to see if i can reset any codes, if anyone can give me some ideas or knows whats wrong id appreaciate anything!! thanks!!
4 months ago