Watches, expensive cars and motor racing

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Having recently had my 2001 Tag Heuer Monaco watch (expensively, expertly) serviced by LVMH, I have been pondering the celebrated connection of high-end watches and seriously desirable cars. I was prompted to buy this watch after attending a day put on by LVMH to announce a new range of automotive-focused watches, including the re-release of this one (image one, blue crocodile strap). The first (and only other Tag) I bought was in 2000 and it's the black-faced Sports 2000 item shown in image 2. Is there anyone interested in cars who doesn't know that Steve McQueen showcased the automatic Monaco in his 1971 movie Le Mans? This association of cars and watches goes back to the early years of the twentieth century but grew more focused after WW2. It was during the 1930s that the sales of wristwatches first outstripped sales of pocket watches. I really like the Bremont watches dedicated to the E-Type. Bentley's link with Breitling is one of the better known. I guess if you buy the watch in the latest Continental GT's gorgeous dashboard, the car comes free.
4 months ago