The First Lexus LS400: A Future Japanese Classic?

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I noticed an original (XF10) Lexus LS400 in a car park the other day. It was conspicuous because it was in immaculate original condition despite the passing of almost three decades since it was on the showroom floor. It's amazing how that 20-30 year time-frame can make you see a car through different eyes. As I looked it over I couldn't help but be impressed by the lack of any visual corrosion, the exceptional panel fit of its 0.29Cd body and the sumptuous yet minimalist California walnut and leather interior. And under the bonnet that magnificent aluminium 4.0 litre DOHC 32-valve V8 that can silently propel it to a top speed of 155mph (250km/h). Given how this was an all-new design that didn't rely on any existing Toyota platform or parts, consumed more than US$1 billion in development costs and set numerous new luxury benchmarks for a price far less than its long established Benz and BMW rivals, it started me thinking. The original LS400 and the new Lexus brand were such ground-breakers for Toyota and the Japanese car industry as a whole, I wonder if it has the necessary credentials to become an appreciating Japanese classic in the years to come. What do you guys reckon?
10 months ago