Glorious victory for Campbell at the Bathurst 12-Hour

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It was the best motor race I have ever seen and the finest drive I have ever seen. Matty Campbell's brilliant chasing and overtaking (yes, I know he had new tyres while most rivals didn't) was pure brilliance. Mark this young man out as one of the world's absolute finest. At some stages there were as many as eight marques represented in the top 10 and in the end the top five cars occupied a nine-second stretch. We talk about the fabulous 1960s and 1970s at the Mountain, which they were, but this was in a higher league again. It was great to see so many Australians figuring high in the results. A triumph!. Also, supposed experts say this race will never surpass the supercars but attendance was at a record 48,495, up from 41,000 last year and just 18,000 in 2011. With Australia's top drivers starring in an international context, this is like Bathurst 1966 and the Minis write 100 times!
2 months ago