Does 'Bigfoot' really exist? Yes - and here's proof!

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If you were a mailman in the 1930s in the US state of Montana, how could you ensure the mail would get through in winter when the joint was blanketed in thick snow? Apparently this wild-looking 1930 Ford Model A cabriolet was a very affordable and effective solution, dreamed up by Montana resident Milton Hill. When times got tough during The Great Depression, Milton supplemented his farming income by delivering the rural mail in this off-roader built by fellow Montanan Roman Chupp. He replaced the Model A's rear axle with a stronger and lower-geared Model T truck unit, fitted huge 24-inch Goodyear tractor tyres on bespoke wooden and wire wheels and modified the mudguards to cover them. Apparently the plucky little Ford with the big feet would sail right over the snow rather than through it and became something of a legend amongst locals grateful to get their mail in winter. If you know of any other wacky car conversions like this, please share them on this forum. There must have been many!
9 months ago