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I just did a quick three day trip to Washington D.C to renew my pass-port.From Ohio to Breezewood went fast enough,but at 60 miles north of D.C the traffic got thick,and slow.Breezewood is a major hub of roads so traffic to and from D.C is heavy.From that 60 miles out I drove south to Dumfries/Quantico,about a hundred miles.The return home was a night mare,from Dumfries/Quantico to about fifty five miles north of D.C heading to Breezewood it was a stop'n'start driving experience.The first fifty miles going home took an hour and a half,no big deal for the people who live and work in the D.C area,but frustrating in the extreme for some one like my-self who lives in the mid-west where sitting through two red lights is considered a big deal.The numbers for daily fuel consumption must be mind boggling,especially with how many trucks are on the road.You would have to literally leave home every morning with a full tank of fuel for the amount of time sitting and idling your engine.The only other time I've had a similar experience was before I retired.The company sent a fleet of our trucks to the New Jersey/New York city area for emergency storm work.First thing every morning we fueled our trucks and then did battle with the traffic.Imagine twenty million people living in a fifty mile radius and the feeling that it seemed like all 20 million people were sharing the road with you.I know since I left Australia city and urban congestion has grown but not on a scale like it is up here.I came home with a renewed appreciation for the quiet mid-west life style.A couple of positives happened during this trip.First was the actual pass-port process only took ten minutes or less,the second was free accommodation with a brother in-law,and thirdly,same brother in-law took us to a local Greek restaurant with the best ever food and a connected walk through wine shop.You couldn't pay me enough to live in the D.C area,we did take the train in which was a good choice and a sanity saver.So enjoy Australia's version of traffic congestion because it's nothing compared to the rest of the world...'Boomer'.
2 weeks ago